Enter-to-win a Copy of Seventh Day Slumber's Anthem of Angels

Seventh Day Slumber--Anthem of Angels

  ‘One Mistake’, a song about Joseph Rojas (frontman for Seventh Day Slumber) struggling with what he saw on a computer one night and told his wife—song is a response to that incident.  It is truly a LOVE LETTER from God when he sent HIS Son to save us even though we are broken and sinful and make mistakes.  Share your LOVE LETTER to God when you enter-to-win a copy of ‘Anthem of Angles’.  We also have an exciting Bonus Drawing for

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Who Could You Share Dara MaClean's Album With?

Dara MaClean

Dara MaClean is a newer voice on K-LIFE—you’ve been hearing her song, ‘Free’ lately. Enter-to-win a pair of her debut albums, ‘You’ve Got My Attention’. You will win a pair of her CDs--Win-1 & Share 1---think about who you could share a Dara MaClean album with. More ...

Britt Nicole Invites You To Share Your Testimony When You Enter-To-Win

Britt Nicole

Britt Nicole has a new song climbing the K-LIFE Top 30 and hits iTunes on 1/31.   ‘All This Time’, her latest single, is her testimony of how she came to know the Lord personally. How about you? Could you share your story? Do that when you enter-to-win a Britt Nicole CD 3-pack—her full library. {Say It--The Lost Get Found--Britt Nicole Acoustic} 

Or maybe you have questions about giving your life to Christ. Ask those too when you enter.  Britt's personal story is below...

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Enter-to-Win the Newsboys Album 'God's Not Dead'--Bonus Prize 15 CD-Library

Newsboys--God's Not Dead  

God’s Not Dead finds Newsboys front man Michael Tait and his band mates Jeff Frankenstein (keys), Duncan Phillips (drums), and Jody Davis (guitars) enlivening today’s most embraced modern worship anthems. Putting their signature touch on seven tunes that have recently topped the Church Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) chart plus five originals!  Enter-to-win a copy this week and get entered into an extraordinary Bonus Drawing for a 15 CD NEWSBOYS Library!  See all the titles...

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Enter-To-Win a Copy of the 'Courageous' DVD or Soundtrack

Courageous DVD


Be Courageous!

When it played in theaters this past fall, COURAGEOUS introduced us to real-world characters dealing with everyday struggles. As the movie touched lives and impacted families, we were reminded that honor begins at home. The hit film production of ‘Courageous’ on DVD—releases nationally this week along with the Courageous Soundtrack on CD. Enter-to-win a copy!

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Enter-to-Win a Copy of the Farewell David Crowder* Band Album--Maybe More

David Crowder Band--Give Us Rest

After 12 years of redefining worship music as we know it, David Crowder* Band is saying, “farewell”. Their final album is a 2-disc, 34 song Requiem mass that, once again, sets them in a league all their own. Enter- to- win the album ‘Give Us Rest'—or-- a requiem mass in C (the happiest of all keys)!  But wait there's more... More ...

Enter-To-Win WOW 2012 by the End-Of-The-Year

WOW 2012

WOW 2012 is an annual compilation of great music from a variety of CCM Artists. Take a moment to enter-to-win a copy of this double disc—and get entered in a Bonus Drawing for the 1st prize of the year: a 32 CD Brick! {1 CD from every Artist who contributed a song on the WOW 2012 collection!}  More ...

Win a Christmas Music CD 3-Pack or WOW Christmas & Veggie Tales 'Little Drummer Boy' DVD

Veggie Tales 'Little Drummer Boy'

Mucho Christmas Music to be given away all this week! Catch the Christmas albums of David Crowder Band, Toby Mac, Kutless, WOW Christmas and even Veggie Tales ‘Little Drummer Boy’ DVD! So much good stuff! Merry Christmas!!

Catch the 2-Pack--'A Dream Records Christmas' & Press Play's 'World Anthem' CD

Dream Christmas 2011

Adding to the fun and festive month of December, K-LIFE  is excited to get involved with the DreamRecords Christmas Show this Sunday night. Headlined by Press Play, you’ll also see 4 other artists at Dream 118 in Simi Valley. Tickets available online and you are encouraged to donate canned goods and clothing. More ...

Win the Family Force 5 Christmas Bundle this Week

Family Force 5 Christmas Pageant

 The ‘Christmas Pageant’ is still going since Family Force 5 released that albumt in 2009. Recently, the band celebrated their latest album, ‘It’s All Gold’. Win a ‘Family Force 5 bundle’ which includes a copy of ‘Christmas Pageant’ and an autographed poster all this week!