Windows XP & Vista Help Page

  • For those running Windows PCs with XP and Vista operating systems, this should be relatively painless. First you'll need to download a special plug-in for your Windows Media Player that will allow you to listen to this format directly. Think of this new plug-in kind of like a switch to go from AM to FM on your radio. REMEMBER: This particular plug-in, for Windows Media Player, is ONLY for Windows XP, Vista or OLDER systems. (It is NOT necessary for those running Windows 7 and higher.)
  • Click HERE To Download The aacPlus Plug-in Direct From Our Website To Your Computer
  • When prompted, save the file to your computer in a place where you'll be able to find it later after the download. The file is small, should only take a few seconds to download, and it's really easy to set up.
  • Once the file downloads to your computer, make sure your Windows Media Player is closed and go to the place you saved the plug-in.
  • "Double click" on the file to install it on your computer. Once the installation is complete you "should" have 2 new icons that appear on your desktop. One says "Tuner2 - your ears will know" and the other says "AAC-aacPlus Plug-in Read Me". You can delete both from your desktop once you've begun listening to the aacPlus webcast.

  • Click the  Windows Media Player Icon below to start the stream.

    NOTE: The link below ONLY works on Windows XP and older systems.

Windows Media Player

If that doesn't seen to work, you can try opening Windows Media Player back up manually, and go to your file menu (you might have to "right" mouse click in the bar at the very top of the player to get the file menu). Then pull down to (Open URL). In the box, copy and paste this link in. (icyx://

If neither one of the above seems to be working email us at webcast@klife.org for help.