Plumb 'Need You Now' Lyric Video

 The album's title track is autobiographical and brutally honest - as so much of Plumb's music often is. In it, Lee sings about the anxiety that she dealt with as a teenager and that she sometimes still experiences as an adult. It is there, in the midst of those panic attacks, that she needs God more than ever.

"That particular song talks about needing Him in the moment, unlike ever before," says Lee, "and then realizing that we don't have this punch card with God that says we can only need Him 20 times, or 50 times. There is no punch card and He actually does not grow tired of our need for Him."


Ultimately, Lee realized that the song's title would be perfect for the entire album (an earlier version was dismissed out of respect for Sandy Hook victims), as the entire collection of songs speaks to the never-ending human dependency on God, and His faithfulness to show up over and over again.


"I've always tried to title the record, not just by pulling a title of a song off of it because it's quirky, but by trying to find a song -or a lyric from a song - that kind of ties the whole project together,"explains Lee. "And, oddly enough, 'Need You Now' does that."


Lee says that the song's theme of a desperate longing for God's touch is apparent on each track of the album due out February 26. "Every song is about Him giving us that hope the He will never leave us and that He will never forsake us," says Lee. "He will never give us more than we can bear; He will actually be the added strength that we need to get through anything that comes our way."