Board of Directors

God called K-LIFE into existence in 1989 as Logos Broadcasting Corporation, with the sign-on of the station coming in 1995. He has entrusted the stewardship of this ministry to men and women who serve voluntarily as the Board of Directors. As the highest level leaders of the organization, they are committed to God and to the clearly stated mission, vision and values of the ministry.

Jesus’ model of “leadership by service,” or servant leadership, guides the manner in which the Board members labor on behalf of the ministry. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, K-LIFE and its board are accountable first to the Lord, then to the listeners, as well as the local churches, donors and the local communities we serve.

K-LIFE Board members have a duty of loyalty to the organization, its staff and other Board members. They function as a team, with unanimity in major decisions a hallmark of this Board’s leadership. It is our conviction that there is one Holy Spirit, resulting in one, unified decision. If there is not full agreement when making a decision, then we wait. We revisit the issue at a later time, and continue to do so, until unanimity is achieved. At the heart of Board unity is prayer. This commitment to prayer is carried out through faithful prayer for other board members, staff and the ministry, corporate prayer during Board meetings and participation in ministry prayer events. As a result, board unity and confidence will be maintained and strengthened, and decisions will be made confidently and with unanimity.

The Board has the principal responsibility for fulfillment of K-LIFE’s mission and the legal accountability for its operations. This means that, as a group, it is in charge of establishing a clear organizational mission, forming the strategic plan to accomplish the mission. It oversees and evaluates the plan's success, hires a competent Executive Director and provides adequate supervision and support to that individual.

K-LIFE Board members accomplish their functions through quarterly meetings and by establishing a committee structure to develop strategies and work with key staff to implement the strategies.

Meet our Board:

Gary Aanerud
Chairman of the Board

Gary is a insurance agent. He is committed to church growth and reaching the spiritually hungry in our communities.

Randy Ross

Randy works in marketing for the Parable Group.

Pat Nugent

Pat is a project engineering manager for PG&E, and is active in men’s ministry at his church, with a commitment to discipleship.

Ellen Liljekvist
Member at Large

Ellen has more than two decades of Christian radio experience at all levels and is currently in a staff leadership role in a local Christian school.

Aaron Austin
Member at Large

Aaron operates a local Chiropractic business.